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DomeLabels (sometimes referred to as "domed labels," "crystal clear domes," etc.) are highly customizable, high-quality labels that have a polyurethane "dome" sealed to the top of the printed label. It's this dome that makes DomeLabels insanely durable and weatherproof in common or extreme environments.

DomeLabel as a case label

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DomeLabels are Durable
Premium printed labels topped with a clear, protective 3-D bubble of polyurethane. Will not yellow. Resistant to bumps, scratches, peeling and hardening.
DomeLabels are  Weatherproof
Performs in extreme hot, cold, wet, and dry environments.
DomeLabels have Strong Adhesion
Strong adhesion
Sticks to all surfaces appropriate for labels.
DomeLabels are Customizable
Can be made in any shape, size, or color.
DomeLabels Sample Image
Bolder Case Company used DomeLabels to reinforce the quality of their brand and make it stand out on their case labels.
DomeLabels on electronic equipment.
CarDaq-M’s DomeLabels use a clear substrate with windows for LED Lights to shine through the label. They also have a metallic print for a high-tech, high-end look.
Truckworx DomeLabel
Truckworx’s DomeLabels are made with brush silver metallic material to give the product a high-end, rugged appearance. The polyurethane dome keeps the label in top shape no matter what the road throws at it.
Paragon DomeLabels
What better way to label Peragon’s truck bed accessories than a DomeLabel made with the same rugged material the truck bed liners are made of? Our clear, automotive-grade polyurethane is designed to take loads of abuse and still look like new.
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components of

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DomeLabels Components
Clear Polyurethane Dome – This is what gives DomeLabels their unique, 3-D appearance. Not only does this layer protect the printed label from the elements, its UV inhibitors keep the labels from yellowing or fading.
Digitally Printed Substrate – Our premium UV-resistant inks digitally printed on durable stock ensure long life.
Permanent AdhesiveDomeLabels feature aggressive permanent pressure-sensitive adhesives for maximum adherence even on hard-to-stick surfaces. Our adhesives withstand extreme temperatures , UV exposure, moisture, and most chemicals.
Label Backing – High-quality backing provides adhesive protection and easy removal for application.
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markets served

We have produced DomeLabels for a variety of different markets including...

Secret Ingredients

The secret to creating a durable DomeLabels brand label is the automotive grade polyurethane top coat. It's so durable, it's used in the automotive industry for truck bed liners and in aviation to line helicopter blades to prevent erosion from the dust in the air.

DomeLabels are soft, flexible, and withstands the effects of prolonged exposure to sunlight without yellowing. Our bump-and-scratch-resistant labels have self-healing properties that will keep a glossy appearance for years.

Another secret ingredient is our aggressive adhesive that will hold onto heavy equipment in virtually any environment despite harsh treatment and weather. Our aggressive adhesives work well with hard-to-stick low energy surfaces.

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DomeLabel on heavy equipment.DomeLabels for PHAZE Concrete
PHAZE Concrete DomeLabel on heavy equipment.
DomeLabels Sample

Why DomeLabels?

If the goal is to enhance your brand with labels that can endure time and extreme environments, DomeLabels fill that need.
We can meet your deadlines using state-of-the-art technologies ensuring quick turnaround, premium quality, and competitive pricing.
  • Extreme durability
  • Professional 3D look to enhance your brand
  • In-house manufacturing with the latest digital technologies
  • Compliancy requirements such as RoHS
  • Over 25 years of experience
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Pressed for time?

24-hour, 48-hour, 72-hour, and 4-day services are available.
Give us a call to talk about your needs for quick turnaround.
Here's how we can ship your DomeLabels in as little as 24 hours!
  1. Request a quote by clicking •HERE• or giving us a call at (855) 855-8833.
  2. Submit your print-ready artwork and we email you a digital proof.
  3. Carefully review the proof we send you and email us your approval to print.
  4. We manufacture your DomeLabels and expedite shipping to you.
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WE speCIalize in printing

The art of changing information on labels.

From your data, we can print variable text, images, serial numbers, barcodes, QR codes, and data matrix codes on:
Asset Tags  •  Security Labels  •  Product Identification Labels
Variable Data Label

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When you need to raise your brand to the next level, we can provide lasting solutions that get you noticed.
DomeLabels label on an air conditioning unit
DomeLabels Sample
DomeLabels Sample
DomeLabels Sample


Truckworx DomeLabel
"Your DomeLabels have worked great for us! We often have customers bring in 2-3 year old trucks to trade in that still have their labels in the same place as the day they bought the truck new. It always looks exactly the same as the day it was applied. prynt.ink offers competitive pricing, high-quality products and quick turnaround. They are very easy to work with!"
Leah M.
Corporate Marketing Manager
Truckworx Kenworth
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